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Office Spaces In Mayfair

We specialise in helping businesses of any size to find their perfect
office space in and around London.

Office spaces in Mayfair can be challenging to find – whether you are seeking a serviced office, coworking space, or something a little different, we can help. Desk London has years of experience to help you discover the best office spaces in Mayfair. We cater to all types of businesses, from startups to globally-established companies, we’ve got office space for everyone. 

Known for being the most expensive property in a game of Monopoly, Mayfair is one of the most affluent areas in London. It may come as no surprise then, that the W1 postcode has evolved from a flourishing residential area into a bustling commercial quarter with many businesses setting their headquarters there. From Shepherd Market to Grosvenor Square, discover with Desk London if your ideal office space could be located in Mayfair. 

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Where Can I Find Office Spaces In Mayfair?

Renting an office in Mayfair will come at a certain price. Given its prestige, not everyone will be able to afford the W1 postcode, particularly with St. James and Buckingham Palace as its neighbour. However, there are various options if you decide Mayfair is the right location for your business. From private offices to temporary workspaces, there are a range of options to suit every organisation in their office search.


Offices in Mayfair are available across the district for companies looking to relocate. Home to a number of different industries, Mayfair is ideal for both high-end brands and more indie businesses, particularly with Soho close by. Private offices allow a business to have stability in their workplace and can be well worth the cost if used on a daily basis. See our options at Desk London if a private Mayfair option is right for you.

Is Mayfair a Good Place to Have an Office?

Ultimately each business will have different priorities and needs for their workplace. Mayfair is renowned for its affluence, and with that comes a lot of perks:

  • Beautiful Area & Architecture – Including office spaces 
  • Excellent Transport Links 
  • Good Restaurants & Nearby Amenities – Ideal for those in customer or client-facing roles! 
  • Green Spaces – Such as Hyde Park
  • Growing Diversity of Businesses & Working Spaces – Work in and amongst the ever evolving competition 

However, Mayfair might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, don’t fear, Desk London can help find your business the best office space in other popular London areas such as Soho, Old Street, West End and even other central locations. 

Does Mayfair Have Good Transport Links?

Based in central London, Mayfair is particularly well-connected to public transport links. Surrounded by tube stops Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Green Park, Marble Arch, and Hyde Park Corner you’re never far away from transport in Mayfair. These stops are located on the London Underground lines Central, Jubilee, Piccadilly, and Victoria. The new Elizabeth Line also stops at Bond Street, making the area accessible to those spanning South East London all the way to Reading.

There are similarly many TFL bus routes that go through or near Mayfair. St. James is situated close to Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus, expanding the number of routes in proximity to the Mayfair area. Locating your office here would therefore be rather convenient for people based all over London. 

What Types of Mayfair Office Space Can I Get With Desk London?

With numerous office types available in Mayfair, here at Desk London we are confident we can find the perfect space for your company. Shared offices or temporary spaces could work well for those looking to cut costs or uphold a budget. Whereas serviced offices might be the ideal route for those after a permanent office in the Mayfair area. Whatever your business needs are, we’ve summarised the office space options available at Desk London below.

Shared Offices

Shared offices in Mayfair, or coworking spaces as they’re often called, are a good option for companies that don’t require private offices all the time. These have boomed in popularity over recent years due to the money saved on rent, and Mayfair is no exception with its growing number of flexible work spaces. It’s definitely something to look into, especially if you are a small business, remote worker, or freelancer as they allow you to adopt a Mayfair working environment without the added rental costs. 

Serviced Offices

Serviced offices in Mayfair are usually fully furnished work areas with extra facilities including building management, various work room styles, and an internet connection. Mayfair offers a variety of serviced offices which can be perfect for businesses ready to relocate as soon as possible. Generally serviced offices will be upheld by the building management, leaving renters to concentrate on their work. Though it is important to note that serviced offices will often be the more expensive office choice.

Temporary Office Space

Temporary office spaces in Mayfair allow businesses to rent an office for a period which is shorter than a standard office lease. These spaces are often used by startups, freelancers, and remote employees as they provide flexibility. Some spaces will be available to rent by the month, day or even hour in some cases. Other project-based or seasonal companies could also benefit by opting for a temporary office space as you only pay for the period when the office will actually be needed, making it a financially-sound option. 

Can I Get a Virtual Office Space in Mayfair?

Virtual offices are a popular choice for those who would rather not commit to a private office agreement. With access to phone answering services, a Mayfair mailing address, and use of meeting rooms, a virtual office will allow you to have all the status of a Mayfair address without the expensive costs. This is an ideal choice for companies looking to minimise their overheads, most notably for startups and small businesses

Can I Hot Desk In Mayfair?

Hot desking in Mayfair is another cost-effective style of working and has become common practice for many people, particularly creatives. With the opportunity to use a desk solely for the period of time it is needed, choosing a hot desk encourages flexibility which is often not available with a permanent office space. They are frequently accessible in private offices and coworking spaces, and provide power sockets, internet connection, and access to printer services in most cases. Hot desking is ideal for those seeking an innovative solution to their office needs. Yet it can lack structure and the necessary facilities some businesses may require, so think carefully before opting for a hot desk. 

How Do I Find the Best Commercial Office Spaces in Mayfair?

To find your dream commercial space in Mayfair you will first need to determine your business needs, requirements, and facilities. What is your office budget? Would you prefer a flexible working structure or a more permanent option? What is your company size? By establishing your specific needs for an office space, your search will naturally narrow itself down, making it easier to find your ideal space.

Once you have determined the above factors, be sure to check reliable commercial real estate sites such as Desk London for their current listings. You should be able to get a feel for which spaces would suit your organisation and which wouldn’t by doing so. If you’re unsure, speak to an adviser or broker who will be able to find offices to match your requirements and offer advice throughout the process to put your mind at ease. 

Next, you will tour your chosen spaces to see if they meet your expectations in person. If all goes well, you should be able to negotiate and sign your lease or agreement shortly after. 

Get In Touch To Find Your Perfect Office Space in Mayfair

Whatever you decide, whether Mayfair is perfect for your business HQ or you’ve got more searching to do, get in touch with us here at Desk London we’re more than happy to help you discover your ideal office space. Perhaps Soho, St. James, or Marylebone would suit your business better. 

Contact us today to see your office options.

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