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Office Spaces In The West End & Soho

We specialise in helping businesses of any size to find their perfect
office space in and around London.

Office spaces in Soho can be hard to find, whether you are searching for a serviced office or something a little simpler. Desk London has many years of experience in finding the best office spaces in Soho for all types of businesses, ranging from startups to established multinationals. 

As part of London’s West End, Soho has been considered one of the main entertainment areas in the city for as long as the 19th Century. Despite being a small London district, only reaching about 1 square mile, Soho is a hugely popular spot, particularly for creatives embodying its fashionable and vibrant style. Professionals are similarly drawn to the area. Various office spaces are available in Soho making it a great location for some businesses.

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Where Can I Find Office Spaces In Soho & The West End?

Much like the majority of districts in central London, having an office in Soho or the West End will come at a cost. Located just next door to the prestigious Mayfair, with Fitzrovia and Marylebone also nearby, the area will not be within everyone’s workplace budget. But fear not, there are alternative options if you decide Soho is the right place for your business headquarters.

Private offices are available across Soho and the West End area, providing a business with a consistent office space that can be adapted to suit their specific workplace needs. As a key retail district, Soho has a great balance of culture and commerce which can be ideal for certain companies looking to relocate. At Desk London, we can help you find your perfect private business space. 

Is The West End & Soho a Good Place to Have an Office?

Choosing where to set up an office can depend on a variety of factors including atmosphere, accessibility, surrounding area and many more. To determine whether Soho is the right location for your business you, therefore, need to understand your own company needs and priorities. To help simplify your office space search, we’ve gathered some of the many reasons why businesses are drawn to renting in Soho and the West End, London:

  • Creative Hotspot: Home to some of the leading media, advertising, film and production companies, Soho is perfect for creators. 
  • Local Amenities: Located in the bustle of the capital city, Soho has an array of entertainment nearby, alongside great restaurants, bars and shops – which is perfect for impressing clients too! 
  • Transport Links: Soho has some of the best transport links reaching the capital city. 
  • Networking Opportunities: With many thriving startups and large corporations being located in Soho’s vibrant culture and architecture, it makes for the ideal location for networking with diverse offices available. 

Does Soho & The West End Have Good Transport Links?

As it is surrounded by some of London’s most famous roads – Shaftesbury Avenue, Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Charing Cross Road – the West End and Soho are highly-connected. London Underground tube stops surrounding Soho include Tottenham Court Road, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Circus, making commutes accessible to those on the Central, Northern, Elizabeth, Bakerloo, Victoria, and Piccadilly lines. A number of additional tube stops are located across Marylebone and Fitzrovia bordering Soho and the West End, so you’ll be spoilt for choice with your transportation. 

There are equally numerous bus routes which stop in or around the area. Situating your office in London’s West End might therefore be a good idea as it is easily accessible to people located all over the city.

What Types of Soho Office Space Can I Get With Desk London?

There are a number of office types available in the West End and Soho area. Depending on your business needs, you might opt for a shared or temporary office space to cut costs or stick to a budget. 

If you’d like a more permanent office option, then a serviced office could be ideal for your company. We’ve outlined the various office spaces available at Desk London below:

Shared Offices

Shared offices in the West End and Soho are very popular, with numerous flexible work spaces available. A shared office, or coworking space, is much less expensive than renting a private office which is certainly part of their charm, and they allow businesses to work in their desired area without the added costs of renting. Shared offices can be a great way to meet professionals in similar industries and can be rather collaborative, particularly for remote employees or freelancers. 

Serviced Offices

A serviced office is a fully furnished space with added amenities such as building management, meeting and break rooms, and technological facilities. This office style will generally be the most expensive choice so it’s important to keep that in mind before finalising your office decision. There are many serviced offices in Soho which can be ideal for large firms as all your required facilities will be sourced and managed by the building staff, leaving you to focus on your work. 

Temporary Office Space

Temporary office spaces in Soho and the West End allow businesses to rent an office for a shorter period than a typical office lease. In some instances, you might be able to rent a temporary office space by the day or even hour. These work spaces can be ideal for seasonal or project-based work, and provide more flexibility than a permanent office which can be perfect for startups. 

Can I Get a Virtual Office Space in The West End & Soho?

Virtual offices have boomed in recent years following the pandemic, and are a particularly popular choice for companies who would rather avoid a private office agreement. 

With a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere in the world while still having meeting rooms, a mailing address, and other necessary facilities. Opting for a virtual office will therefore give you all the perks of a Soho address without the price of renting.

Can I Hot Desk In The West End & Soho?

Hot desking in the West End and Soho is a popular choice for many startups and freelancers as it provides workers with the opportunity to use desks solely for the period of time needed. They are typically available in both private offices and coworking spaces, so depending on the type of atmosphere and environment you would like may impact where you decide to hot desk. It is a great, cost-effective method of working, encouraging flexibility and innovation in your work. However hot desking might not be for everyone as it can lack structure and in some cases, privacy. 

How Do I Find The Best Commercial Office Spaces in The West End & Soho?

To find your dream commercial space in Soho and the West End you will first need to establish your needs and requirements. Do you need workplace structure or would you prefer a more flexible option? What is your budget? How many people will need to use the space? Determining exactly what you desire in an office space will help narrow down your search dramatically. 

Next, search through the available listings on reliable commercial sites such as Desk London. Have a look at what is currently available to get a feel of what you like and what you don’t. If you’re not entirely sure what would be right for you, feel free to contact an adviser who can save you time in your search by finding the spaces that match your company size, budget, and facility requirements. 

Once you have found some offices online, you will then tour your choices to properly get to grips with their environment and surroundings. If all goes well, you will move on to signing your lease and agreement the very same day.

Get In Touch to Find Your Perfect Office Space in The West End & Soho

If you’re still undecided about the office space for you, feel free to contact us at Desk London where we offer a highly personal and bespoke service to find your dream workplace. Whether that’s in Soho, Westminster, Islington, or even Bexley, we’ve got your office needs covered.

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