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Establishing your business presence in London is a truly beneficial and profitable decision for you to make for your company. The city’s unique character, vibrant cultural aspects and bold entrepreneurial spirit make it a perfect place to anchor your business. By leasing an office in the city, your business can indeed thrive from having a London presence and all the benefits this city can offer. 

What Are Leased Offices and What Are Their Benefits?

A leased office is when a business rents an office from its landlord for a certain period of time as opposed to buying one outright. 

An office is usually leased at a cost per square foot or desk on a yearly basis, and the business which undertakes this must pay rent, rates and service charges. 

Leasing an office can be a great idea as it can provide a business with control over using and managing its office space. This option is flexible as you can opt for a longer term if you like the space or move if it does not suit you, it can save you needing to buy a space outright and needing to shoulder the subsequent ownership risks and a leased office is a lot easier to maintain than a purchased office space. 

Why Choose London For Your Leased Office?

It is very common for businesses to have a hub or headquarters in the city, and London is a fantastic global hub in which to house your business. 

Its international transport links connect it to every other major city in the world, as well as to every other city in the UK. 

According to the World Bank, the UK is one of the most business-friendly countries in the world and basing your business in London can give you access to all of its entrepreneurial advantages. Not to mention the attractions, history, shopping and culture of London is second to none

The address of your office is also important. Of course, where you choose to locate your office is important as it will give you access to the benefits of that area, but your address is worth much more than this. 

Your address can give or take away your company’s credibility, and a London presence (especially in a respectable borough) can certainly put your company at a big advantage if you decide to lease there. 

Best London Areas For Your Leased Office

Considering getting a leased office in London but unsure where is best? Here are some of the best areas in London to rent a leased office (which, Desk London has access to plenty!): 


Shoreditch is an up-and-coming area in London, making it perfect for any tech or other unique startups and newbie businesses wanting a more hip and trendy location for their office. 

Its stylish and chic atmosphere means it is the perfect place for creative businesses, such as cutting-edge fashion brands and slick graphic design studios, innovative startups, or just anyone wanting to get out of the more busy, business-focused boroughs. 

Set in the East End of London, Shoreditch is just outside the hustle and bustle of central London whilst still being close and well connected to it. Its proximity to key financial districts as well as its cheaper rental costs than elsewhere in Zone 1 means this is a great place for new and exciting minds to settle. 


Soho is a fabulous and culture-rich area of Central London. This area is populated by fantastic bars, restaurants, and theatres. 

Its rich cultural atmosphere lends itself to being one of the capital’s major creative hotspots. Soho is where many of the top media, film and advertising productions are based, as well as innovative finance and technology firms. 

As this area is so central and a cultural and commercial hub, its office market is competitive and is one of the most expensive parts of London for office space. Serviced office costs in Soho have a great variety of flexible office sizes, but prices range from £450 to £1000 per desk making it one of the more pricey places on this list. 

Canary Wharf

The East London area of Canary Wharf is renowned for being the home to some of the most powerful financial companies in the world. Any business wanting big-city connections, plentiful opportunities and to be in the thick of a fast-paced environment would benefit from leasing an office here. 

Over the past decade, there’s been a surge of diverse businesses in and out of the finance industry setting themselves up in Canary Wharf. The area offers great transport links, ample networking opportunities and modern, state-of-the-art workspaces. 

The price of leasing an office in Canary Wharf is expensive, but favourable compared to other more central boroughs in London. So, anyone wanting to benefit from this centre of trade, employment and profit can do so here without needing to succumb to the more pricey City of London or central borough areas. 


An office in Camden offers several benefits. Set in the heart of the city, a leased office in this area would give any business connections to some of the biggest and most central London boroughs. 

Camden is a thriving area perfect for any business wanting to network a bustling scene as well as function in a place which offers culture and green open spaces. 

Camden is home to the second-highest number of businesses in London but is actually made up of 97% of small to moderate-sized businesses, making it the perfect place for smaller firms to take root who are still wanting to make a big splash in the city. 

Camden office spaces are expensive, but good value, with an average price of around £475 per desk. Office space in Camden is becoming increasingly attractive. Not only does it offer great value per square foot but it has the cache of being one of the capital’s key cultural, food and nightlife attractions.


Though a little more on the pricey side, there is the high prestige that comes with having a Mayfair address. Per square foot, Mayfair is the most expensive area on this list. It is renowned for its rental prices and homing wealthy businesses who are the top dogs of their league. 

Therefore, Mayfair would be a good place to lease an office to those who have already established themselves and know that they will be able to afford the sky-high rent of this borough. 

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