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What Is Hotdesking?


Hotdesking, also known as agile working, flexible working, or activity-based working, is a practice where employees do not have assigned offices, desks, or workstations. Instead, they work in any available workspace on a first-come, first-served basis. This could be a desk, table, or even a sofa in a shared workspace, such as a co-working space, open office, or hotdesking facility. The concept of hotdesking has gained popularity in recent years due to changing work styles and an increasing number of companies opting for remote and flexible options. In this post we will explore the purposes of hotdesking, the advantages and disadvantages of the practice, and whether it’s the right working option for you as an employee.


The Purpose Of Hotdesking


Hotdesking offers several benefits for companies, so it’s no wonder that it has quickly become one of the most popular ways for employees to work! Some of the benefits of this work setup include:


  • Space optimisation: by implementing hotdesking, companies can reduce the amount of office space they need. With a significant percentage of employees working remotely or travelling for work, it’s more efficient to have fewer desks and workstations that are shared by multiple employees. 


  • Cost savings: with fewer desks and workstations, companies can save money on office rent, utilities, and maintenance. Additionally, hotdesking can also reduce the need for expensive office furniture and equipment.


  • Collaboration and communication: hotdesking can promote better collaboration and communication among employees. By sharing workspaces, employees from different departments are more likely to interact and exchange ideas, leading to a more dynamic and creative work environment.


  • Increased flexibility: hotdesking can also help to promote a more flexible and adaptable work culture. In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies need to be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. Hotdesking can help facilitate this by allowing employees to easily move from one project to another or work on different tasks throughout the day. This can help to create a more agile and responsive workplace that is better able to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. Hotdesking also provides employees with the flexibility to work from different locations within the office or even from home, which can improve work-life balance and make it easier for employees to manage their personal and professional responsibilities, leading to increased satisfaction and happiness among employees


  • Productivity: hotdesking can increase productivity by allowing employees to choose a workspace that suits their needs and preferences. For example, some employees may prefer a quieter space, while others may prefer a more social atmosphere. By giving employees the freedom to choose, they are more likely to be happy and productive.


Are There Any Disadvantages To Hotdesking?


Yes – there are some potential drawbacks to hotdesking. One of the main challenges is that it can be difficult to maintain a sense of personal space and privacy when working in a shared workspace. Employees may feel uncomfortable or distracted if they are constantly surrounded by other people or if they have to move from one workstation to another frequently. It can also make it more difficult for employees to establish a sense of ownership or attachment to their workspace, which can be especially challenging for employees who value having a personalised and customised workspace that reflects their personality and work style. Hotdesking can also create logistical challenges for employees who need to transport their equipment from one workstation to another. This can create problems and potential damage, particularly for employees who need to carry around heavy or bulky equipment, such as computer monitors or keyboards.

If you are considering changing up your workplace, hotdesking is just one of many options for workplace systems for employees and bosses to consider. It is important to be well informed of the benefits and disadvantages of each system so that you can find an office space that best suits you, your business, and your employees. 

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