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Workplace dynamics have changed drastically over the past few years, with more people than ever working remotely and businesses changing their mindset on what an office space should consist of. So, you might be wondering how to navigate this world. That is exactly why Desk London is here to help. This guide will help you figure out how much office space you need, whether you are self-employed, contracted, a small business, or a large company!

How Do I Figure Out How Big My Office Should Be?

This is a complex question that has many different factors to consider before leaping to get your own office space. You will need to take into consideration many factors, such as how many employees work in your company and the type of work being done in the space, alongside what facilities might be necessary. In this article, we will dive deep into the things you will need to consider for your office space. 

Top 5 Things to Consider For Your Office Space

Every company functions differently and will have its requirements when selecting the ideal office space, however, we have created this list of our top 5 things to consider before binding yourself to a space:

1. How Many Employees Do You Have? 

Nowadays, it doesn’t necessarily depend on how many employees a company has when deciding the right office space, but on how many people will be using the space or passing through for meetings. There are mixed ‘rules’ on how much space each person requires, however, we will take a look at this in more detail further in this article.

2. What Type of Work Are You Doing?

You should consider what the space will be used for and ensure you find a space appropriate for your company. Be sure to think of things like meeting rooms, private offices and shared desks. 

3. Equipment 

It’s important to be mindful of the equipment or any technology that you might need in place in the office. These can be computers, printers or any other specialised office equipment. 

4. Office Layout Preferences

Now that you have done all of the calculations to help you decide on the right size for you, you can start to think about your personal layout preferences. You can consider whether or not storage space is important for your company, or maybe a terrace or if it is one level or more.

5. Future Growth

Lastly, you should consider your company’s possible growth. If you’re growth plan succeeds, there would be nothing worse than quickly needing to move spaces because you do not have room to make appropriate adjustments. 

How Much Space Does Each Employee Require in an Office?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of mixed opinions on this and you will need to take into consideration the work being done, whether it be primarily desk work on a single screen or larger desks for more hands-on work. There is a consensus of about 70-80 square ft per person in a London office space, which is a smaller space due to the cost of the property market. 

What Kind of Working Spaces Should I Consider in an Office?

There is a range of different working spaces that can be set up within a company’s office space. Whether you are looking for startup office space or perhaps serviced offices, there are some things you might want to consider before renting: 

  1. Meeting Rooms: If your company requires meeting rooms, be sure that there is a private and quiet space that is big enough for the right furniture. 
  2. Privacy Setting: By having an area in your office space that allows employees to seek out privacy and confidentiality while working, you’ll reinforce good business functionality. 
  3. Flexible Project Space: This space would encourage collaboration, with the design entirely flexible for group work or informal meetings. 
  4. Do Not Disturb Zone: This could be set up in various ways, however, it should be in a quiet setting, enabling motivation and concentration through well-designed workstations.
  5. Individual Work Setting: A small set of desks with closed-off walls to encourage concentration and privacy.

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