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No matter where you are based in the world when your business is starting to grow to have an office in London is an enticing prospect. London is one of the busiest cities in the world, with millions of businesses and corporations running in the city every single day. 

However, for some, London might feel too expensive or unattainable if you are not a large company. These myths are untrue and London is the perfect place for you to build your company. 

Access to a wider workforce as well as the ease of collaboration with other companies means that having your office in London could be just the city you have been looking for. These are just a few of the advantages of renting an office in London today. Keep reading to discover more benefits of having your company office in London, UK!

Top 5 Benefits of Renting an Office in London

Are you a startup? A small PR company? Or perhaps you’re a new bank! It doesn’t matter – London is home to a variety of successful businesses, both small and large. By having your office in London you can gain exposure to opportunities, like-minded people, clients and much more! 

1. Access to a Wider Workforce

1 in every 3 jobs that are created in the UK occurs in London. London’s workforce is more diverse and more skilled than any other city in the country. 

Today, more people than ever want to work in London. This means that when looking for new employees, London has some of the best talents to offer. Having your office in London allows you to connect with more people and more workers and find the absolute best person for your company. 

It is also the perfect base for international countries as over 300 languages are spoken in the capital! 

2. Huge Volume of Office Space Available

London is a big city, the biggest in the UK and office space is always available for new businesses of all sizes. 

London has increased recently in its shared office space with companies taking up a small space within a shared area. There is so much office space around and this means that you and your business will be able to find the perfect office space for you. 

London is growing and so is its office space, now is the time to move to the city to find the perfect fit for your business. 

3. Easier Collaboration 

As mentioned, London is brimming with businesses, with well over 1 million businesses operating in the capital. This means that there is an opportunity for you and your business to share ideas and collaborate

Shared and rented office spaces often have many different types of businesses in one space; this means that if your business needs help in any industry there will probably be a counterpart business near you that you would be able to collaborate.

London is the place to find the companies that you need, allowing you to reduce the time and money you might spend elsewhere to build established networks.

4. Quicker Business Funding  

London has a huge pool of VCs (Venture Capitalists) and other ways that your business can gain funding quickly. Whether this is through government grants from different London councils or by building the right network so that your business is invested in or even purchased by another company. 

London has plenty of independent opportunities for business growth finance than anywhere else in the country. 

You can find affordable London rent spaces that will allow your business to grow quickly due to the nature of the city. 

5. Better Credibility 

Last, but not least, having your main office or any office in London can help build your company’s brand and credibility. Because London is known globally as a city of success, renting an office there can help grow your business long-term. 

What’s more, as the majority of world-renowned brands and successful businesses are in London – you can meet like-minded people and build your clientele more efficiently.

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