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Trying to focus on the tasks that need to be done when the room around you is noisy can seem like an impossible task! Whether it is noisy co-workers, loud shared office space or you are easily distracted by things happening around you – it is important to find ways to block out the noise so you can get your work done on time. 

But how exactly can you stay focused in a noisy setting? Using noise-cancelling headphones or using acoustic furniture are some simple ways to help absorb noise. If you are struggling to focus, then read this article to learn some easy ways to concentrate better in a noisy office. 

How to Concentrate Better in a Noisy Office

Background noise – it can be a pain! Especially when you have a deadline approaching or need to respond to a massive list of client emails. Fortunately, there are some quick and affordable ways your office can become more soundproof! Find out below. 

1. Manage Your Noise Levels

It is important to find ways you can manage your noise levels so that you can reduce some of the noise that is affecting your work. There are ways that you mask the noise so that it will reduce the noise levels in the office. Things such as rugs, lighting with acoustic properties and soft furnishings can be good alternatives to combat hard noise-reflecting surfaces. 

Acoustic treatments include putting up noise-proof foam around your office space, as well as you can use noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones that can cancel out surrounding sound.

2. Take Breaks and Find Time to Relax 

It is important whether there is too much noise or not to find time to take breaks and relax. This can allow you to focus better when you get back to your desk eventually. 

Walking to a quieter location, eating your lunch or grabbing a coffee in the fresh air can give you a better and less distracted state of mind to then come back and tune out the noise and regain your concentration. 

3. Find What Helps You Focus

Different things help different people focus, for some people listening to music can help them drown out the noise and focus on the work. The right music can help you work much better and more efficiently even when you are in a stressful situation such as an approaching deadline. 

Other ideas that can help you focus are keeping an organised diary and regular exercise. 

4. Reorganise The Way You Work 

It might be that there are different times of the day when you are getting more distracted or when the office is noisier than usual. 

Reorganisng and reworking the times when you work might help you to concentrate better. You can choose the time of day when the office is quietest to perform the work that requires you to focus the most. 

Also, look at working from home when there is a fast-approaching deadline and you cannot concentrate to help you to focus and get some important work done. 

5. Find an Alternative Workspace 

Sometimes the best way to stay focused in the noisy office is to make yourself unreachable or invisible. It may help to find locations in the office which are quieter and where you know people will not disturb you whilst you temporarily get your tasks done. 

Make sure that you have found the best environment in the office, where there are no noise or visual distractions. Giving yourself some privacy in the office may not come around too often but when it does make sure to focus hard and get your work done.

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