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The landscape for working environments and patterns has dramatically shifted over the past few years away from traditional offices. With the work-from-home method being thrust upon workforces globally in 2020, we are now at a point where the majority of UK businesses continue to work at home in some capacity, creating a middle ground between how we used to operate and the flexibility offered by alternative work patterns. It seems the hybrid model of working is here to stay into 2023 and beyond. So let’s see how hybrid working is now used across UK businesses and the benefits that can come from adopting such an approach. 


Definition Of Hybrid Working


Hybrid working is a model where employees work part of the time In a physical workplace, such as an office, and the rest of the time at home or remotely. A hybrid work model is designed to increase productivity and motivation in employees as they have more flexibility in how their days are structured. Although it might not work for everyone, the opportunity to combine the office with home working has proven ideal for many organisations across the UK. Though a hybrid model can come in various formats which we’ll cover below: 

Fixed Hybrid Working

This hybrid model consists of set days and times employees must work remotely or in the office. For example, everyone might go into the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with Wednesdays and Fridays working from home. This is great for collaboration opportunities and provides a structure to your team’s working week. 

Flexible Hybrid Working

Alternatively, a flexible approach allows employees to choose their working hours and location on a day-to-day basis. This method can be ideal for employee freedom and job satisfaction, though it may also pose problems with in-person teamwork and relationship building as it is quite possible some people in the team never cross paths depending on their schedules. 

Remote-First Hybrid Working

A remote-first hybrid option leaves employees to work remotely for the majority of their working hours with occasional outings to an office or coworking space. Remote-first models have shown an increase in productivity for employees who prefer to work remotely and can also eliminate the need for physical office space, minimising potential outgoings. However, this method might not work for everyone as there is potential for feelings of isolation to arise in employees, so finding the balance is key. 

Office-First Hybrid Working

There is similarly the option to have an office-based setup where employees are required to work most of the time while also having the option to work remotely a few days a week. This method is great for giving your employees the choice of when to work remotely and can uphold company culture at the same time. 


Benefits Of Hybrid Working In 2023


If you’re still unsure about whether hybrid working is the model for you, take a look at some of the key benefits of adopting a hybrid set-up in 2023 and beyond. From increased productivity to financial savings, there are a lot of perks when it comes to hybrid working.

Increased Productivity: Due to the flexibility that comes with a hybrid model, employees can work where they feel most productive, which in turn should positively impact the quality of work produced.

Healthy Work-Life Balance: Without a commute and the requirement to be in an office at all times, employees can maintain a healthier work-life balance and spend more time with family and friends.

More Cost-Effective: A hybrid working pattern can be cost-effective due to savings on energy bills and rental costs – you could, for instance, get a temporary office space instead of a permanent one if only needed from time to time.

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