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If you’ve got a commercial office, you want the space to work for you as best as it can. One of the main methods for optimising your workspace is to keep it organised and clean. The saying ‘tidy room tidy mind’ is certainly true, so leaving your office space to spiral into disorganisation can certainly impact productivity, motivation, and team morale. At Desk London, we have years of experience in the office space industry to help you manage your office and encourage business success. Read on to discover our top tips for maintaining an organised commercial office space.

1. Choose The Right Office Type

One of the main ways to keep your office organised is to choose a space that allows you and your team to thrive. This step requires consideration before you even move into your office. For instance, smaller businesses and startups might benefit from the flexibility of a coworking or temporary office space. Not every organisation will find a traditional office space that works for them, so if you end up with a space that does not spark motivation or creativity it could lead you down the narrow path of office disorder.

2. Declutter Your Office

Next, you’ll need to have a brutal declutter of your office. Whether you’re just moving in or have used the space for years, it is possible you’ll have things in your office that simply aren’t necessary for your work. Not only do these things clutter up the space but they also take up valuable storage room which could be used for other necessities. Our advice is to get rid of anything you won’t use within 6 months unless, of course, it is records, client information, or other important documents. This also does not apply to décor, provided it adds something positive to the commercial space.

3. Put Everything In A Dedicated Place

You will then need to organise absolutely everything in your office, so all items have a dedicated home. From stationery to documents to IT and products, keeping everything in a set place will help maintain an organised office as everyone will know where things should go. Hiding wires and charges is another great way to uphold organisation as having exposed electricals can take up space and add to the mess. Your workplace should reflect the company, so make sure it portrays the right message to both employees and clients.

4. Encourage Clear Desks

What’s more, encouraging your team to have tidy desks can go a long way in keeping your commercial office space organised. This tip is entirely dependent on the type of boss or manager you are, but usually, it is advised to allow employees to personalise their desk space while also keeping them clean and tidy. If you operate on a hot desk system, enforcing a clear desk policy could work well as no one should have to work in someone else’s mess. Giving clear instructions as to how the office should be organised ensures that your team knows the standards required of them and of each other, so it is crucial that information is openly communicated.

5. Schedule Deep Cleans

Our final tip is to regularly schedule deep cleans and time for organisation so the office space remains at a high standard. This could be 10 minutes every Friday where everyone sorts out their desks, or alternatively even every 6 months with a big sort out. You could even hire a cleaning service to come in regularly, though this might require some organisation from your team to keep confidential documents and information where they should be. Either way, by having a set time for organisation you’ll be more likely to keep your commercial space clean and tidy, encouraging focus and productivity, and less likely to spiral into disorganised chaos.

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