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If you’re stuck between opting for a remote working pattern or making use of an office, we understand it can be tricky to know what would work best for you and your business.  Research has found that having an office or place of work away from your home can make employees more productive and motivated in their roles. Working conditions make such a huge impact on job satisfaction so it is important to get the balance right. While many organisations have moved to a remote or flexible working pattern, having an office even for a few days a week can be beneficial for both small businesses and global corporations alike as it can boost team morale, encourage collaborations, and improve focus amongst other things. Here, we’ve listed some of the key benefits associated with offices in the modern world: 

1. Improve Wellbeing

Working from home has proven to increase anxiety and feelings of isolation among employees. Mental health plays such a key role in our daily lives that it is imperative employers take care of their team however they see fit. Having an office could therefore help combat these negative feelings, providing employees with the option of getting out the house to somewhere designed specifically for productivity and cooperation. Even if you opt for a hybrid work pattern, it can be beneficial to employees to have a varied structure throughout the week. 

2. Optimises Collaboration

What’s more, offices encourage employees to be collaborative and communicate with one another. Workplace communication has been highly stressed in the shift to flexible working patterns, so it is crucial that business owners create opportunities for their employees to engage with colleagues as often as possible. Offices naturally provide more opportunities for this, such as having a chat in the break room, walking past a colleague’s desk, or going out for lunch together. The more comfortable employees feel around one another and in the company, the more they are likely to be productive and feel motivated to work to the best of their abilities, particularly if there are often team projects or meetings. Collaboration is heightened in offices which can be great for UK businesses. 

3. Establishes A Work-Life Balance

One of the key advantages of having an office space is that it offers a good work-life balance for employees. By setting healthy boundaries between our personal and working lives, employees are more likely to feel satisfied in their jobs and are productive in a work setting, knowing they can relax at home. Having a dedicated workspace or office can massively help to maintain a good work-life balance. 

4. Promotes Development

Offices also help employees develop their career paths at a quicker rate than they might when working from home. When the whole team are present in person, managers are able to observe the work that goes on in closer proximity and provide help or support where needed. They can also gauge how hard employees are working and offer rewards if deserved, encouraging the team to work at the highest level in order for recognition and development. When opportunities are more visible, it is likely employees will work harder to earn such opportunities. 

5. Improves Focus

Finally, offices can improve focus and productivity as a result. Working from home can come with its downfalls including a lapse in concentration given your surroundings. When we are given specific work spaces, it is easier to hone in on the task at hand. Offices can therefore be a great way for the whole team to communicate where needed and focus on their individual responsibilities in one integrated space. 

Do Offices Improve Productivity?

It can be observed that offices do improve employee productivity by offering opportunities for collaboration, a clear work-life balance, development prospects, and improved well-being and focus. With a dedicated space comes wider opportunities for your business, so it is certainly worth considering an office. For further advice and guidance on office spaces in London, contact us at Desk London where we can assist you in your office search.

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